On July 4th, 2016, it has been 40 years since the so-called “Operation Thunderbolt” – the rescue of a hijacked airplane that still plays a vital role within the collective memory of the Israeli nation while being largely forgotten in Germany.


A selection of the hostages by German terrorists, however, has emotions running high for both Jews living in Germany and the political Left until now. In the course of this selection, the terrorists kept only Israeli citizens as well as hostages with Jewish-sounding names captive while the remainder was released for their homes. Some of the hostages, the public in Israel as well as German Jews felt reminded of the selection at the ramps of Auschwitz and the occurrence has also been discussed repeatedly among the German political Left up until today.


This student exhibition project thus focusses on the memory of the hostages and the discourse about the forgotten incidence in Entebbe within the German public. “Based on the memories of the victims,” the student curators sum up their intention, “we aim at creating a dialogue that will also include questions about contemporary antisemitism.”



Ein studentisches Ausstellungsprojekt -

Die Ausstellung war zwischen dem

21. September bis zum 21. Dezember 2016

in der Bildungsstätte Anne Frank (Frankfurt)

zu sehen.


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